David Maxim Micic
February 26, 2019
Mike Gianelli – Independent
December 28, 2018

Chris Schiermann

Guitarist Chris Schiermann’s solo project and self-titled debut album, SCHIERMANN is a journey of adventurous, infectious melodies and intelligent grooves topped off with a large dose of virtuoso lead work inspired by many players across the decades. Chris’ first love Randy Rhodes’ style is very present, along with the grit of Van Halen, finesse of Steve Vai and the inventiveness of Tosin Abasi.

Many players whom Chris has jammed with over the years make very special appearances on this album- Matt Gartska (Animals As Leaders), Adrian Terrazas-Gonzales (Mars Volta), Acle Kahney and Amos Williams (TesseracT), Navene Koperweis (Entheos), Mike Malyan and Jakub Zytecki (DispersE), Chris Maresh (Eric Johnson), Ashe O’Hare (Voices from the Fuselage), and last but certainly not least, his son, Zach Schiermann – making this not only a celebration of his work, but the progressive /tech metal scene as a whole.