FORTIN 4X12 Guitar speaker cabinet front mount V30 loaded
January 15, 2020
FORTIN BLADE BLACKOUT- Whitechapel Signature Pedal
December 14, 2020

FORTIN BLADE – Whitechapel Signature Pedal

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Whitechapel signature BLADE is a custom-designed boost to allow any metal player to add next-level brutality to their tone. 

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From the metal legends Whitechapel and Fortin Amplification comes the BLADE. No detail was overlooked to bring you a Signature product befitting the triple-guitar threat. BLADE is a custom-designed boost to allow any metal player to sculpt and find their perfect tone. A custom EQ curve clean boost, the BLADE features added control with treble (CUT) and bass (DEEP) frequencies , whilst overall boost is controlled by (SAW). We worked closely with guitarists Zach Householder, Alex Wade, and Ben Savage to create a pedal that would be useful to shape each one of the parts of Whitechapel’s Signature tone. Industry standard true bypass switching. All jacks are placed top side for tight pedal board applications. Proudly made in North America.

Pedal Dimensions (W/D/H): 4.40 in x 2.38 in x 1.06 in (112 mm x 60 mm x 27 mm)
Shipping Weight: 360g
Powers from external supply only, no internal battery
DC Adapter (not included): 9VDC@25mA, Center Pin Negative (Regulated)
Impedance: Input ~4.7M / Output ~1.5K
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Weight 0.360 kg
Dimensions 15.2 × 10.2 × 7.6 cm

1 review for FORTIN BLADE – Whitechapel Signature Pedal

  1. Dale Robertson (verified owner)

    It’s Fortin, so it is solid in all ways. Still need to find the right spot in my chain, as it gives a ringing sound when Saw is pumped past 3 o’clock or other hot pedals are on. I am a tweaker so I love the final finesse & polished ability along with the pump.
    Keep on bringin the killer products! Love from Cali!

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