September 30, 2018
March 11, 2019


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The GRIND pedal is Mike’s favourite 6IRTH and 6RIND settings built into a simple single-knob pedal format for dialing in the perfect amount of frequency selective boost. Now in Matte black finish with black gloss screening with added Remote switching!

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Now with new added side remote 1/4” jack for channel switching with mini slide switch to change orientation normally open or closed. The overall level control gives you up to +20dB of boost that will tighten up and add aggression to any tube or solid-state amplifier. The GRIND’s surprising low noise floor and high input Z lets every nuance of your playing and instrument character come through unaltered. Industry standard true bypass switching. All jacks are placed top side for tight pedal board applications. Proudly made in North America.
Pedal Dimensions (W/D/H): 4.40 in x 2.38 in x 1.06 in (112 mm x 60 mm x 27 mm)
Shipping Weight: 360g
Internal battery (not included): 9VDC@25mA
DC Adapter (not included): 9VDC, Center Pin Negative (Regulated)
Impedance: Input ~4.7M / Output ~1.5K
Pricing in $USD
Weight 0.360 kg
Dimensions 15.2 × 10.2 × 7.6 cm

5 reviews for FORTIN GRIND – BlackOut

  1. andy.pessia (verified owner)

    This thing is perfect. Best pedal to take the BE100 from very nice refined high gain and make it sound a little more pissed off. The best of both worlds now! In addition, changing the amp channel too … I mean c’mon … What more could you possibly want. PERFECT.

  2. caseymastalka (verified owner)

    Needs to have a + next to to the 5th star. Thing is pretty bad ass. Was never truly satisfied with the tonez i was getting out of my Dual Rectum Frier. Well saying I am now would b an understatement. I’m actually quite enjoying this amplifier now, finally!!!! 6irth 6rind and 6ain!!!!!!!

  3. caseymastalka (verified owner)

    P.S. The channel switching jack is cooler than cool!!!!

  4. Zachary Cocos (verified owner)

    Added the Grind to my rig running in front of a PRS Tremonti, Orange Rockerverb 100 MKIII, Mesa Boogie Road King II and Peavey 6505 and it dominates the tubescreamer type pedal I was running in front of the amps before now. It allows me to play detuned while keeping things nice and tight! I can’t recommend it highly enough.

  5. Jason Hughes (verified owner)

    I was really excited about this pedal but when I got it and tried it out I was not a fan. I’m using this in front of a Mesa Triple Rect. Multi Watt and I thought it would tighten it up. When I tried it, it was almost nasally. Then, I saw a video of someone using it who said you have to crank the bass, So I did and had an “OOOOOH” moment. I now love it and just ordered the 33.

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