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From the extreme metal giants MESHUGGAH and the tone lab of Fortin Amplification, comes the first ever Meshuggah Signature amplifier! 

Late 2016 just before The Violent Sleep of Reason Tour, I was asked to create an amplifier for Fredrik & Mårten that would not only cover the entire arsenal of amps used on the new record, but could also nail the older classic tones.  As a result of much research and development, we are pleased to present this machine of torture, the MESHUGGAH Signature 50W amplifier! The MESHUGGAH Amplifier is all point-to-point handwired, all tube 50W, single-channel fire breather. This very limited amplifier features an array of NOS parts that lend to its’ unique tonal characteristics.  Brutal, tight, and aggressive, whilst still retaining feel and clarity, the MESHUGGAH has been designed with extreme metal musicians in mind.  Twin gain controls and pull gain MVC allows for the perfect dialing of sickening amounts of gain. Classic British vintage styling, NOS Dialight Indicator, simple and intuitive front panel layout with small box head cabinet format that ties it all in for a sleek look. Plug in and re-animate your inspiration and playing!


  • 2-EL34, 3-12ax7 Tungsol reissue
  • NOS LCRs UK capacitors
  • Recipe of Orange Drops/Philips Mustards/Lemco Dogbones/Siemens Foil Capacitors
  • Custom wound Heyboer Transformers, M6 steel laminations, Triple varnished, Custom fabricated mounting brackets, Self-lead secondary wires
  • Front: Adjustable Viewing Indicator, Mains switch, Standby switch, MVC w/pull gain, Presence, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain II, Gain I, High Input, Low Input
  • Back: Send & Return passive loop, Speaker jacks, Impedance select, Dual Bias w/metering jacks, Fusing, Mains Input, and 120VAC/240VAC Mains Select switch
  • Shipping Dimensions: 30in x 15in x 13in @ 45lbs

“The best of the best! Mr. Mike Fortin! Thank you for building us these exquisite machines of torture! There are just no words to describe how pleased we are with them! It’s like having the whole arsenal of amps used on ‘The Violent Sleep of Reason record built into one head – and we have three!!! 😉
Mind blown!”

-Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah)

“The Fortin amps are single-channel, straight-up rhythm machines designed specifically for our sound. They sound fucking terrific. It’s been a long time since it’s been so much fun to just riff onstage, and these amps brought that back for me in a way I don’t think I’ve ever experienced—to the point that sometimes I just get lost in the riff and how powerful it feels.”

-Mårten Hagström (Meshuggah)årten-hagström-a-higher-standard?page=2

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3 reviews for FORTIN MESHUGGAH – Sig Amp

  1. cmilano99

    One of the heaviest and most brutal amps out there!! Tight, heavy, articulate and aggressive sounding with great note separation. The “pull gain” feature on the MVC takes the gain to another level of heaviness. Gain 2 is very much like a combination of a girth and grid control combined into one knob, as you roll gain 2 back you get a more cutting grindy/djent like tone and when rolled up the gain gets thicker and rounder in tone. If you are looking for the ultimate in heavy, you can’t go wrong with this amp!!

  2. smclea10 (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this amplifier! I’ve played through so many high gain amplifiers, but there simply isn’t a substitute for the Fortin tone. This amp allows you to sculpt an amazing array of high gain tones, combining Gain 1 and Gain 2, from a wrecking ball to a slicing scythe, all with its very own signature snarl, low mids and rich harmonics. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this amp is a one trick pony. While it was designed for Meshuggah, it’s very well capable of making your standard tuned 6 string sound more angry than ever. While in normal operation using the high gain input, the pull function on the MVC adds even more compression. Let’s face it, you buy this amp to chug.
    The low gain input is also of great value and adds more variety to an already stellar amp. Use this input and it will operate similarly to your grandpa’s Marshall Plexi, making this monster perfectly capable of rock and blues, as well. This amp is the perfect secret weapon for your studio, but will leave your face in agony from the ear-to-ear grin it induces in the jam space or bedroom. The Fortin Meshuggah will inspire you to play as any great piece of gear should.
    This amp is already a legend. If you want one, you’d better get one. Thank you, Mike! And thanks to Meshuggah!

  3. harrymanbach (verified owner)

    I’ve played through tons of amps in the last 25 years. Vintage,modern,solid state,all tube,digital,hybrid. The Fortin Meshuggah is simply the best high gain amp I’ve ever used. It retains a tight low end and dynamic sound even with monstrous amounts of gain. The nameplate,trim and chassis all hint at the elite level of work that is inside it. The MVC pull is a great feature to conjure up even more brutal gain compression. It also has a ridiculously tasty lower gain “Plexi” channel as well. The amp is simple,straightforward and so easy to get great tones out of. Throw a 33 or Grind in front and it gets even better. When I saw Meshuggah on tour with these amps I knew I had to have the amp they were using. It was easily the best live guitar tone I’ve ever heard. Now owning one I can say this amp is one of the most inspiring pieces of gear I use. Not only to get that Meshuggah tone but to sculpt my own unique ones as well. Thanks Mike Fortin,Fredrik,Marten and anyone else who had a hand in making this beast!

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