January 31, 2018
FORTIN CALI 50W, 3 channel all tube amplifier
February 20, 2019


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Mini ZUUL is the most transparent noise gate on the market! Studio quality specifications with simple straight forward operation. Now in mini form. 

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All the same features as the ZUUL but in mini form factor! The mini ZUUL’s threshold knob also controls the dynamics of the gate circuit. Perfect for guitar, bass or any signal source as it has studio quality specifications. Use in front of an amplifier or in a series effects loop. Dual colour LED for visual feedback gating action: Green = Open, Orange = Closed, Off = Bypass. The KEY input signal can be directly from your guitar (example split from ROACH or SPLIFF) or other signal source which lets you go from clean to high gain without changing the Threshold knob. This powerful feature lets you control the gate with a different signal than what flows through the input/output jacks of the ZUUL. Side switch (internal jumper or early versions) to change the threshold range to compensate for different input signal levels. Industry standard true bypass switching. Proudly made in North America.
Pedal size (W/D/H): 3.642″(92.51mm) x 1.516″(38.51mm) X 1.220″(30.99mm)
Shipping Weight: 250g
Dynamic Range: 120dB
THD: 0.025%
Input Z ~1M / Output ~10K min. load
Power Supply only, does not operate on battery
Adapter (not included): 9-12VDC @ 40mA, Center Pin Negative (Fully Regulated)
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Weight .250 kg
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 5 cm

3 reviews for FORTIN Mini ZUUL

  1. rizalkhan (verified owner)

    Fantastic pedal. I have one output from my volume pedal go into the key input of the pedal. The pedal knows when it should close the gate. The mini also saves pedal board space. I highly recommend it.

  2. jecollell (verified owner)

    I just got this pedal and for starters the customer service was superb. The first pedal got lost in shipment and Fortin responded almost immediately to my email. They ended up sending a replacement which I got. My one problem with the pedal right off the bat is with the jacks, especially on the right. The are way too close. Way too close. At first I couldn’t plug both cables into the input and key jacks. I had to find a patch cable that had a shorter and thinner barrel in order to make it work. Plus I would think that it makes more sense to have the key jack on the bottom and the input jack on the top. Supposedly you would be connecting a cable coming from your effects loop so that makes more sense from a cable management perspective. Likewise I would have the output jack on the left at the bottom. I had to do some pedal shuffling to be able to squeeze the Mini Zuul on my board and honestly, a lot of it was due to the jack placements.

  3. jecollell (verified owner)

    I wanted to add a review based on the actual performance of the pedal outside of minor grievances I had with the jack placement. I have to say this pedal works beyond my expectations. I used my tuner for the the key input and plugged it into the effects loop. I was amazed at how responsive it was. Beyond that I was impressed with how transparent it is. My effects definitely sounded more dynamic compared to the previous gate I was using in the loop. Everything just sounds and feels better. I hope you guys update the jack layout in a mark 2 release because that is the only the only problem I had. I love the performance and I love the look.

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