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January 14, 2020
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January 15, 2020

FORTIN SIGIL 20w, 2 channel all tube guitar head

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SIGIL Serves up insane levels of gain, all in a compact package!

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The SIGIL conjures up magical array of clean to high-gain tones in a compact portable, road-ready format. Channel one assigns GAIN 1 and MASTER 1 with a shared eq and includes 3 stages of gain with a push/pull gain boost that restructures the amp to provide everything from bright, shimmering cleans, to heavy gain pushed tones. Channel 1 loves boost and overdrive pedals for further tonal explorations. Channel 2 assigns GAIN 2 and MASTER 2 with a shared eq with a total of 4 gain stages that can be dialed from punishing, face-punching attack to over-the-top levels of gain insanity while still retaining clarity.  The Standby switch offers a HIGH power selection for the full 20W, center position standby, and LOW power selection for 6W that variacs the power amp to give the SIGIL a different feel and attack.  The tube driven FX LOOP is instrument level ready for stomp boxes or rack effects. 

Summon your legions – SIGIL

2 foot switchable channels
Series all tube loop, instrument level ready
External bias controls and test points
HIGH = 20W, LOW = 6W
MAINS select 120VAC/240VAC
4-12AX7, 2-6V6
Made in the UK
Pricing in $USD

Product dimensions:
W 15in x H 7.75in x D 8in (includes handle, feet, knobs)
W 381mm x H 197mm x D 203mm (includes handle, feet, knobs)
Shipping dimensions:
23.6in x 12.2in x 12.2in @26lbs
600mm x 310mm x 310mm @12kg


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SIGIL Owners Manual

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 60 × 31 × 31 cm

1 review for FORTIN SIGIL 20w, 2 channel all tube guitar head

  1. 7stringer

    This amp is a beast. Incredible Rock to Modern Hi-Gain tone. Thick saturation across all frequencies. If you play metal, you need to own this.

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