NOTICE to all Fortin customers, and to the public at large: It has recently come to our attention that unrelated and unaffiliated 3rd parties have been advertising amplifiers for sale that have ALLEGEDLY been modified by Fortin Amplification Inc. Occasionally, these amplifiers will even contain what appears to be a fake but official looking “Fortin” sticker, logo or service badge.  Please be advised that these amplifiers were not produced by us, and also have NOT been modified or serviced by Fortin Amplification in any way, at any time, or by anyone authorized by us in any manner.  Furthermore, please be advised that the same 3rd parties advertising fake Fortin amplifiers have simultaneously been advertising that they also perform proprietary modifications constituting Fortin Amplification circuits, such as our Hulk and Cali amplifiers. The Hulk, Cali and other of our amplifier builds are the sole proprietary work product, trade names and circuit designs of Fortin Amplification.  At this time, NO third party is validly producing ANY Hulk, Cali or other Fortin proprietary amplifier circuits. Any such advertised amplifiers are fraudulent, and have not been produced, authorized or licensed by Fortin Amplification Inc. in any way.